The ICAP Risk Training Institute in collaboration with "Academics University of London Worldwide", presents for the 2nd consecutive year in Greece, the professional training program "Mastering Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)".
The "Mastering ERM" prepares risk professionals to design and apply to their organizations the modern standards in Risk Management which strengthen decision making processes, cultivating and developing skills and foresight, their evaluation and treatment.
The program is addressed to all business executives, regardless of academic education and professional direction, who want to invest a new role in their career.
1. Market Risk (36 hours)

Financial Risk (16 hours)

Definition and Identification of risk
  • Market Risk
  • Default Risk
  • Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Systemic v. Firm Specific Risk
Risk Measurement
  • Variance / Standard Deviation
  • Levered & Unlevered Betas
  • Value at Risk
Risk Premium
CapitalBudgeting Decisions under Uncertainty
  • Evaluation of capital equipment investment decisions in conditions of uncertainty
  • Economic analysis of investment plans and risk management in condition of uncertainty, relationship between time and risk and relationship between return and risk.
Αξία Επιχείρησης & Χρηματοοικονομικός Κίνδυνος
  • Dividend Discount Models
  • Free Cash Flow Models
  • Relative Valuation Models

Banking Risk (12 hours)

Introduction to Risk Management
  • Lessons from financial disasters
  • Brief history of risk metrics and risk management techniques
Introduction to different metrics: Value at Risk, Expected Shortfall, Potential Future Exposure
  • Real world asset dynamics
VaR: Historical simulation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Error estimation techniques
  • Refinements and improvements
  • Filtered historical simulation
VaR: Parametric evaluation
  • Basic formulation and Matrix notation
  • Marginal, incremental and component VaR
  • Factor loadings
  • Variance – covariance matrix
  • Minimum Variance Hedge
VaR: Monte Carlo simulation
  • Value at risk: Monte Carlo simulation
  • Monte Carlo applications in finance
  • Long term market simulations
  • Non-linear derivatives (options)
  • Hedge effectiveness
Credit risk
  • Credit instruments and asymmetric payoffs
  • Returns of credit portfolios
  • Modeling the credit event
Merton model
  • Credit-metrics approach
  • Single factor model and Basel II formulas
  • Where market and credit risk intersect: Credit Valuation Adjustment

Insurance Risk (8 hours)

  • Basic concepts of the Insurance Industry
  • Introduction to the Insurance Industry
  • Regulatory framework of insurance companies
  • Governance model of insurance companies
  • Solvency of insurance risk
  • Insurance risk analysis and management
    • Insurance risk
    • Market risk
    • Counterparty risk
    • Operational risk
    • Liquidity risk
  • Others risks
  • Emerging risks
  • Assets management
  • Model of Risk Management insurance companies’ reports

Course Start Date
September 2021

Cost of Attendance

  • 200 Hours
  • Synchronous e-Learning
  • Certificate of Further Training
  • Subsidized by LAEK