Financial Management

The ICAP - Risk Training Institute and the Centre for Lifelong Learning of the University of Piraeus create for the first time an integrated professional Mastering Credit Risk programme for credit risk managers.
The thematic areas of the "Mastering Credit Risk" training programme, the training method, examinations, and accreditation by the   University of Piraeus  guarantee the provision of essential and practical knowledge, with the sole purpose of upgrading the role of credit management executives, which involves better cash flow, collection, and profitability results for companies.
The Module "Financial Management" as a part of the broader training programme "Mastering Credit Risk", offers the opportunity to the participants to attend it as an independent seminar and be awarded the relevant  Certificate of Attendance by the Centre for Lifelong Learning of the University of Piraeus.  For the attendance of each module, ECVETs are awarded, while corporate participants can also subsidized by OAED-LAEK.


The purpose of the seminar is to cover the basic principles of the financial management function of an organization. Emphasis is placed on the framework of the financial system, within which, today's businesses operate, as well as the concept of the time value of money, investment and finance decisions made by companies, evaluation of investment plans in a state of uncertainty, and accurate evaluation of property assets, in which, companies invest.

Target Audience

  • Entrepreneurs  
  • Financial Management and Credit Control Executives
  • Business Management and Marketing Executives
  • Supply Chain Executives
  • Project Management Professionals
  • Internal Auditors
  • Executives other than Financial Managers who should be aware of the financial situation of their company, or want to be able to understand and interpret the financial statements of other companies, such as customers, suppliers, rivals, etc., in order to make well-grounded decisions.
  • Human Resources Management Professionals
  • Legal Professionals

Subject Areas

  • Objective and functions of Financial Management
  • Value of money over time
  • Concept, types, utility, and nature of fixed investments
  • Calculation of various types of cash flows (FCFE, FCFF)
  • Investment evaluation methods
  • Investment budgeting
  • Share capital
  • Capital structure
  • Leasing
  • Bond loans

What you will learn

  • You will improve your knowledge on accounting and financial information systems, as well as the concept of financial reporting.
  • You will enhance your understanding of company financials, in order to be able to make better managerial decisions.
  • You will be able to understand the economic impact of your suggestions and decisions
  • You will understand the importance of the Budget and cash flows
  • You will be in a better position to participate and communicate in 'financial terms'.
  • You will be able to cooperate more effectively with other offices and departments on financial issues.

Seminar Timetable

1st & 2nd Teaching Hour
3rd & 4th Teaching Hour
5th Teaching Hour
21st of October
18.30 - 20.00
20:00 - 20:15
20.15 - 21.45
23th of October
18.30 - 20.00
20:00 - 20:15
20.15 - 21.45
24th of October
10.30 - 12.00
12.00 - 12.15
12.15 - 13.45
26th of October
18.30 - 20.00
20:00 - 20:15
20.15 - 21.45
29th of October
18.30 - 20.00
20:00 - 20:15
20.15 - 21.45

Course Start Date
October 2020

Cost of Attendance

  • 20 Hours
  • Synchronous e-Learning
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Subsidized by LAEK


Georgios Artikis
Georgios ArtikisEmeritus Professor at the University of Piraeus