Financial Risk Management Issues

The ICAP - Risk Training Institute and the Centre for Lifelong Learning of the University of Piraeus create for the first time an integrated professional Mastering Credit Risk programme for credit risk managers
The thematic areas of the "Mastering Credit Risk" training programme, the training method, examinations, and accreditation by the   University of Piraeus  guarantee the provision of essential and practical knowledge, with the sole purpose of upgrading the role of credit management executives, which involves better cash flow, collection, and profitability results for companies.
The Module "Financial Risk Management Issues" as a part of the broader training programme "Mastering Credit Risk", offers the opportunity to the participants to attend it as an independent seminar and be awarded the relevant Certificate of Attendance by the Centre for Lifelong Learning of the University of Piraeus.  For the attendance of each module, ECVETs are awarded, while corporate participants can also subsidized by OAED-LAEK.


The environment in which enterprises and investors have operated over the last years is characterized by increased and intense volatility in the prices of financial products. Factors that have contributed to this are the globalization of markets, an unprecedented free investment and speculative capital movement worldwide, and investors' growing demand for higher returns. In this new status quo, both business executives and prospective investors are asked to address a series of risks that affect various fields of financial activity.
The objective of this seminar is to provide an in-depth and practical presentation of the various types of financial risk that are faced by today's business executives within the context of their key functions, either in a company or as external investors, as well as the methods that are available to them to address those risks. In the context of this module, it is analyzed how various financial risks affect the evaluation of capital investments and total business value.

Target Audience

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Business Management and Marketing Executives
  • Supply Chain Executives
  • Project Management Professionals
  • Internal Auditors
  • Executives other than Financial Managers who should be aware of the financial risks that are faced by their company.
  • Human Resources Management Professionals
  • Legal Professionals
  • Financial analysts, portfolio managers, venture capital business executives who are involved in the investment arena and wish to expand and deepen their knowledge and tools that they can use in their job.

Subject Areas

  • Defining and Identifying:
    • Market Risk
    • Default Risk
    • Foreign Exchange Risk
    • Interest Rate Risk
    • Liquidity Risk
    • Systematic v. Firm Specific Risk
  • Risk Measurement
    • Variance/Standard Deviation
    • Levered & Unlevered Betas
    • Value at Risk
  • Risk Premium
  • Fixed Investment Evaluation at Risk
    • Decision Trees
    • Scenario Analysis
    • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Simulation
  • Business Value & Financial Risk
    • Dividend Discount Models
    • Free Cash Flow Models
    • Relative Valuation Models

What you will learn

  • You will acquire knowledge on the financial risks that are faced by an enterprise
  • You will understand how you can quantify financial risk
  • You will become aware of how business executives can evaluate investments in capital equipment by taking into account the risk undertaken.
  • You will understand how financial risk affects business value
  • You will be able to connect the concepts of investment risk, performance, and value better and on the right basis.

Seminar Timetable

1st & 2nd Teaching Hour
3rd & 4th Teaching Hour
5th Teaching Hour
2nd of March
10.30 - 12.00
12:00 - 12:15
12:15 - 13:45
10th of March
18.30 - 20.00
20:00 - 20:15
20.15 - 21.45
17th of March
18.30 - 20.00
20:00 - 20:15
20.15 - 21.45
19th of March
18.30 - 20.00
20:00 - 20:15
20.15 - 21.45
23rd of March
10.30 - 12.00
12.00 - 12.15
12.15 - 13.45

Course Start Date
March 2021

Cost of Attendance

  • 20 Hours
  • Synchronous e-Learning
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Subsidized by LAEK


Panagiotis Artikis
Panagiotis ArtikisProfessor at the University of Piraeus