Certified Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer (C-GRC)

The "Hellenic Association of Risk Managers" ( member of FERMA (Federation European of Risk Management Associations, & FECMA (Federation of European Credit Management Associations,, with the support of "Academics University of London Worldwide", powered by GRANT THORNTON and in collaboration with the "Risk Training Institute" of ICAP CRIF, present the "Certified Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer (C-GRC)" training program that leads to the corresponding certification after examinations.

The "Certified Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer (C-GRC)" certification by the "Hellenic Association of Risk Managers" is awarded only to Association’s members and they keep their title as long as they are up to date regarding their membership. The H.A.RI.MA. first year’s registration fee is free of charge for the attendees that successfully graduate from the certificate program.
Upon completion of the program, participants may obtain the following professional titles through successful examination:

  • Certified COSO ERM auditor
  • Certified Risk and Compliance Officer (C.R.C.O.)


b) From the International Compliance Association (ICA):
  • Certificate in Compliance,
  • Certificate in Anti Money Laundering,
  • Certificate in Financial Crime prevention,
  • Certificate in Managing Sanctions Risk.


The "Certified Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer (C-GRC)" certification is a professional credential indicating an individual's proficiency in assessing and managing risks, implementing regulatory compliance measures, and ensuring that a company's policies meet its goals. Covering areas such as ethics, compliance law, risk management and corporate governance, this certification is of high importance to businesses that want to guarantee they are legally compliant, able to mitigate risks, and maintain a strong corporate reputation. Industries heavily reliant on regulations, like finance, health, and manufacturing, especially value professionals with CGRC certification as it denotes a thorough understanding and the ability to handle complex governance, risk, and compliance issues.

Target Audience

  • Compliance Officers / Managers and their Deputies
  • Governance Professionals
  • Lawyers / Legal professionals
  • Board Members
  • Assistants / Secretaries to CEOs and GMs
  • Risk employees / officers
  • IT Professionals dealing with governance, risk management and compliance
  • Strategy & Decision making professionals
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Consultants
  • Those who have recently been given or aspire to be given compliance responsibilities

Subject Areas

  1. Outlook
  • Definitions of governance, risk and compliance
  • How can technology interfere – platforms
  • Board Committees (Audit, Remuneration Committees, Risk, Suitability committee), structure, necessary skills, duties
  • Best practice for the BoD structure
  • Corporate Governance codes of practice
  • Current obligations and trends

    Total 8 hours
  1. Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Governance: linking corporations and society
  • Governance and accountability
  • Corporate Governance Codes (Cadbury, Greenbury, Turnbul Code, Financial Reporting Council)                                                                   
  • Selection and succession planning
  • Oversight, compliance, and risk management
  • The Board's role in strategy development
  • Performance evaluation and executive compensation
  • Responding to external pressures
  • Creating a high-performance board
  • Three pillars of “lines of defense”: Compliance-Risk-Audit
  • The meaning of Internal Audit System
  • Board Members Responsibility
  • ESG framework and trends

    Total 18 hours
  1. Risk and Risk Management
  • Risk Management background history                                    
  • Risk management framework                                    
  • Key considerations when developing a risk management framework
  • Documenting a risk management framework
  • Risk management governance
  • The Role of Chief Risk Officer
  • Necessary Chief Risk Officer Skills
  • Culture and Strategic Integration
  • Risk Appetite necessity
  • Risk management information systems
  • Implementing a risk management framework
  • Overview of the risk management process
  • Risk Avoidance versus Risk Opportunity
  • Risk identification
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk Treatment options
  • Corporate Risk Maturity
  • Risk management
  • Monitoring, Communication and reporting
  • Reviewing
  • Enhancing a risk management framework
  • Traditional Risk Management versus Enterprise Risk Management
  • Selected Areas of Risk Management:
    • Third Party Risk Management
    • Operational Risk Management
    • Information Security Risk Management
    • Business Continuity / Disaster Risk Management
    • Reputation Risk Management
    • Credit Risk Management
    • Project Risk Management
    • Compliance/Regulations Risk Management
    • Novel Risks and Risk Velocity
  • ERMS / Risk Management Frameworks
    • COSO
    • ISO31000
    • COBIT
    • NIST
    • Tailored ERM Practices
         Total 32 hours
  1. Compliance
        4.1. Compliance culture and frameworks
  • The role of risk and compliance officer
  • Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Compliance Risk Management
  • Compliance and Conduct Risk
  • Fraud risk, antifraud management
  • Culture development
  • Think like a fraudster, prevent and detect
  • Using technology in risk management and compliance
  • Compliance frameworks (NIST, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FedRAMP)
  • Anti-money laundering and financing terrorism (FATF), policy and culture
  • Selected Compliance Areas:
    • Whistleblowing
    • AML
    • Anti-Fraud
    • GDPR
    • Labor
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Competition and Anti-Trust
    • Intellectual Property
    • Bribery-Corruption
    • Sanction screening
    • 3rd party integrity due diligence
    • Contractual clauses (exit rights, audit rights, disclosures)
    • Investigations            
    • Compliance controls            
    • Collective action
    • MAR
        4.2. Compliance cycle and practice
  • Ethics and code of conduct
  • Standards, policies and procedures
  • Communication, education and training
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Internal reporting systems
  • Discipline for non-compliance
  • Investigation and remediation measures

    Total 30 hours
  1. Internal Audit
  • Internal audit within the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system (COSO)
  • Evaluation of the Internal Control System (ICS)
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Reporting to the BoD

    Total 12 hours
  1. Best Practices and practical experience
  • Best practices on each thematic unit
  • Practical experience and case studies 

    Total 15 hours          

What you will learn

This “Certified Governance, Risk, and Compliance Officer (C-GRC)” training course is designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to effectively design and enhance integrated GRC activities across your company. As well It enables you with the tools and techniques to understand your company obligations, to mitigate risk and to have a proper structure in place on how to manage it when an issue arises :

  • Understand the regulatory environment
  • The reason why a good governance is essential for effective regulatory compliance risk management
  • Identify high-risk areas and compliance gaps in your organization
  • Apply Risk-based Approach
  • The role of the Compliance Officer and his team
  • Develop and implement a governance, risk management and compliance strategic plan
  • Understand, define, and enhance organizational culture as it relates to performance, risk, and compliance
  • Implement governance, risk management and compliance processes that are effective and efficient
  • Use a risk-based audit approach

Organisational Impact

This training course is of direct relevance to governance, risk management and compliance and as a result, the organizations will benefit greatly from their employee’s participation. By sending delegates to this course, the organization will gain benefits:
  • More effective support for governance, risk management and compliance team
  • Greater relevance and reliability of analyzing the regulatory bodies
  • More strategic thinking and focus on performance
  • More effective use of developing successful GRC plan
  • Preparation of staff for increased responsibility
  • Supports risk and compliance officers through education

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Course Start Date
9 of October 2024

Cost of Attendance

  • 115 Hours
  • Live Online
  • Certification
  • Certified Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer
  • Subsidized by LAEK

Scientific Associate

Dimitris N.<br/>Koufopoulos, PhD
Dimitris N.
Koufopoulos, PhD
Director of University of London MBA Programmes,
Member of H.A.RI.MA.

Leading Instructor

Group Internal Audit Director Aegean Air


Μαρία <br/> Θεοδουλίδου
Οικονομική Διευθύντρια Προγραμματισμού, Ελέγχου & Εταιρικής Διακυβέρνησης
Μάνος<br/> Κουφόπουλος
Head of Group Risk Management Unit Athens Exchange Group SA
Σοφοκλής<br/> Καραπιδάκης
Διευθυντής Κανονιστικής Συμμόρφωσης
και Υπεύθυνος Προστασίας Δεδομένων, MYTILINEOS
Γιώργος <br/>Χλωµούδης Bsc, Msc
Χλωµούδης Bsc, Msc

Aristodimos <br/>Dimitriadis
Compliance, Risk, Insurance-Human Rights, OTE Group
Αθηνά<br/> Μουστάκη
Επικεφαλής του τμήματος ESGRC, Grant Thornton
Δημήτρης<br/> Βραχωρίτης
Senior Manager, ESGRC Services
Grant Thornton
Ελευθερία <br/>Σπυρίδωνος
Director, ESGRC Services
Grant Thornton
Ηρακλής<br/> Τριανταφυλλίδης
Associate ISS Auditor, Assurance Services, Grant Thornton
Τριαντάφυλλος Σαραφίδης
Τριαντάφυλλος ΣαραφίδηςSenior Manager, Head of Information Systems and Security Audit Team, Grant Thornton
Ξανθίππη <br/>Ζώταλη
Manager, Legal Consultant ESGRC Services Grant Thornton