Certified Chief Risk Officer (C-CRO)

The "Hellenic Association of Risk Managers" ( member of FERMA (Federation European of Risk Management Associations, & FECMA (Federation of European Credit Management Associations,, with the support of "Academics University of London Worldwide" and SEV and in collaboration with the "Risk Training Institute" of ICAP CRIF, present the "Certified Chief Risk Officer (C-CRO)" training program that leads to the corresponding certification after examinations.

The "Certified Chief Risk Officer (C-CRO)" certification by the "Hellenic Association of Risk Managers" is awarded only to Association’s members and they keep their title as long as they are up to date regarding their membership. The H.A.RI.MA. first year’s registration fee is free of charge for the attendees that successfully graduate from the certificate program.


The role of the "Chief Risk Officer" is an important catalyst in today's global business environment where risk management must be aligned with business strategy. This course focuses on the analysis of the role and responsibilities and how risk effectively integrate a management plan into a corporate governance (executive management & Board of Directors) decision-making tool that can modify policies and procedures to address vulnerabilities.



Course Start Date
27 of September 2024

Cost of Attendance

  • 176 Hours
  • Live Online
  • Certification
  • Certified Chief Risk Officer (C-CRO)
  • Subsidized by LAEK

Scientific Associate

Dimitris N.<br/>Koufopoulos, PhD
Dimitris N.
Koufopoulos, PhD
Director of University of London MBA Programmes,
Member of H.A.RI.MA.