Corporate Governance Expert (E-CG)

The "Hellenic Association of Risk Managers" ( member of FERMA (Federation European of Risk Management Associations, & FECMA (Federation of European Credit Management Associations,, with the support of "Academics University of London Worldwide", powered by GRANT THORNTON and in collaboration with the "Risk Training Institute" of ICAP CRIF, present the "Corporate Governance Expert (E-CG)" training program that leads to the corresponding certification after examinations.
The "Corporate Governance Expert (E-CG)" certification by the "Hellenic Association of Risk Managers" is awarded only to Association’s members and they keep their title as long as they are up to date regarding their membership. The H.A.RI.MA. first year’s registration fee is free of charge for the attendees that successfully graduate from the certificate program.


The "Corporate Governance Expert (E-CG)" is a professional course in corporate governance. Its purpose is to provide essential knowledge to executives involved in corporate governance, with teaching professionals – practitioners in corporate governance in leading companies in each industry and not lecturers with educational background.

Target Audience

  • Corporate Governance executives with only practical knowledge
  • Corporate Governance executives with academic knowledge in the subject but with moderate practical knowledge
  • Lawyers / Legal Advisors who want to enrich their knowledge in this subject
  • Board members who should know about Corporate Governance
  • Assistants/Secretaries to CEOs and GMs
  • Strategy & Decision Making Professionals
  • Internal Auditors and Assurance Executives
  • Business Consultants
  • Those who have recently been given or aspire to be given responsibilities in the field of Corporate Governance

Subject Areas

  1. Corporate Governance: linking corporations and society
  2. Governance and accountability
  3. Corporate Governance Codes (Cadbury, Greenbury, Turnbul Code, Financial Reporting Council)
  4. Selection and succession planning
  5. Oversight, compliance, and risk management
  6. The Board's role in strategy development
  7. Performance evaluation and executive compensation
  8. Responding to external pressures
  9. Creating a high-performance board
  10. Three pillars of “lines of defense”: Compliance-Risk-Audit
  11. The meaning of Internal Audit System
  12. Board Members Responsibility
  13. ESG framework & trends
        18 hours
  • Best Practices and practical experience (by Grant Thornton)
        5 hours

What you will learn

The training program "Corporate Governance Expert (E-CG)" is designed to provide you with all the necessary knowledge for the effective planning and / or modernization of the activities of an executive in Corporate Governance in an organization. It also enables you with modern tools and techniques to understand your company's obligations, mitigate risk and have a proper structure to address potential challenges:
  1. The reasons why good corporate governance is essential for the operation of an organisation
  2. The role of the Corporate Governance Officer
  3. The development and implementation of a strategic governance plan
  4. Understanding how to define and enhance corporate culture and relate it to performance, risk and compliance
  5. The application of effective governance processes
  6. The application of control mechanisms

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Course Start Date
15 of October 2024

Cost of Attendance

  • 23 Hours
  • Live Online
  • Language:Greek
  • Certification
  • Corporate Governance Expert (E-CG)
  • Subsidized by LAEK

Scientific Associate

Dimitris N.<br/>Koufopoulos, PhD
Dimitris N.
Koufopoulos, PhD
Director of University of London MBA Programmes,
Member of H.A.RI.MA.

Leading Instructor

Group Internal Audit Director Aegean Air


Αθηνά<br/> Μουστάκη
Επικεφαλής του τμήματος ESGRC
Δημήτρης<br/> Βραχωρίτης
Senior Manager, ESGRC Services
Grant Thornton
Ελευθερία <br/>Σπυρίδωνος
Director, ESGRC Services
Grant Thornton
Ηρακλής <br/> Τριανταφυλλίδης
Associate ISS Auditor, Assurance Services, Grant Thornton
Τριαντάφυλλος Σαραφίδης
Τριαντάφυλλος ΣαραφίδηςSenior Manager, Head of Information Systems and Security Audit Team, Grant Thornton
Ξανθίππη <br/>Ζώταλη
Manager, Legal Consultant ESGRC Services Grant Thornton