FERMA RIMAP Certification Course

The "Hellenic Association of Risk Managers" ( member of FERMA (Federation European of Risk Management Associations, & FECMA (Federation of European Credit Management Associations,, with the support of "Academics University of London Worldwide" and SEV and in collaboration with the "Risk Training Institute" of ICAP CRIF, present the "FERMA RIMAP Certification Course" training program that leads to the corresponding certification after examinations.


The aim of the program is to provide a robust and coherent risk educational material of all key elements of today’s risk management practices, methodologies, tools and trends yet in line and compatible with FERMA rimap certification program as an attempt to organize and re-structure the risk management industry  aiming to give a strong identity to the profession, making sure executives, boards, human resource departments and academics value the profession as it really is.

Target Audience

Academics and professional of any field that would like to start building their structured risk management knowledge as well as Professionals who already work in the field of Risk Management and/or services dedicated to risk management, who wish to continue their professional training and deepen their knowledge on Risk and Insurance Management issues. This includes professionals operating in the corporate field such as Risk and Insurance managers, as well as consultants and Insurance Service Providers and Management Technicians

Subject Areas

  • Risk Complexity
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Impact and Likelihood Factors
  • Risk Illustration
  • Reporting Necessity
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Risk Frameworks (ISO, COSO, COBIT, NIST)
  • ERM Fundamentals
  • ERM Methodology
  • ERM and Sustainability
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Trends-Threats-Practical Examples

What you will learn

Practical applications for the design and development of Risk Management and ERM systems, guide to risk identification-assessment-treatment, monitoring and impact assessment, necessary qualifications, capabilities and skills of risk management executives, references to individual risk frameworks (e.g. Compliance, System Security, Third Party Risk Management, Crisis Management, Reputation Risk Management, ERM relation to ESG etc.)  


Principles and aims of enterprise-wide risk management  

  • Risks in daily life.
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Risk management objectives.
  • Increasing global complexity and risk

Risk management frameworks and standards

  • Risk management frameworks
  • Different frameworks.
  • COSO Enterprise risk management—Integrating with Strategy and Performance
  • ISO 31000:2018 Risk management—Guidelines.
  • Other standards

Risk management in the organization

  • The history of risk management.
  • Risk management in the organization.
  • The three lines of defense model.
  • Benefits and limitations of the three of lines of defense model
  • Developing a risk aware culture

Organization strategy, objectives, responsibilities, structure and program

  • Risk management responsibilities
  • Elements of a risk management framework.
  • Monitoring
  • Reviewing

Strategic risk management

  • The strategic direction of risk management
  • Risk appetite and risk tolerance
  • Strategy
  • Strategic management processes
  • Risk management and strategic planning
  • The corporate risk profile

Types and impact of risk on organizations

  • Defining risk
  • Types of hazards
  • Types of risk
  • Impact of risks
  • Recording risk assessments

Risk management process: identification, assessment, treatment,

  • The risk management process.
  • Establishing the context
  • Risk assessment
  • Reduction and controls
  • Risk financing
  • Feedback mechanisms

Added value, cost and benefits of risk management

  • Cost of risk
  • Benefits of risk management

Course Start Date
22 of October 2024

Cost of Attendance

  • 36 Hours
  • Live Online
  • Certification
  • Subsidized by LAEK

Scientific Associate

Dimitris N.<br/>Koufopoulos, PhD
Dimitris N.
Koufopoulos, PhD
Director of University of London MBA Programmes,
Member of H.A.RI.MA.
Γιώργος <br/>Χλωµούδης Bsc, Msc
Χλωµούδης Bsc, Msc